Cut The Cable. Cut The Costs. Cut The Chaos.
Cut The Cable. Cut The Costs. Cut The Chaos.
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10 Steps to Cut The Cable and Save Money in 2020

As the year 2019 ends, cable TV prices average about $115 per month. That number is absurd. With all of the cable alternatives available today, there is no reason you cannot reduce those number drastically and save money to get out of debt, start a business or invest for the future.

 Here’s How:

  1. Call your cable provider and ask them for a deal on your current services.

  2. If they do not have a deal that meets your requirements, advise them you  would like to cancel.

  3. If you have a a contract, negotiate terms of breaking the contract and  keeping Internet only.

  4. If they cannot offer a good deal and terms with you, contact one of their competitors and see what they can offer you to cover the existing  termination fee.

  5. Ask the other company their deals on Internet only.

  6. What do you watch? Survey your family to determine which channels you cannot live without and what you can live without.

  7. Determine what streaming services you already have. Most people have  Amazon Prime and Netflix. Decide if these are enough to meet your needs.

  8. Research free and paid licensed streaming options like Tubi, Pluto, Crackle which are all Free.  Also, research paid applications like Hulu, Sling, etc.

  9. Research streaming hardware like Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV. 

  10. Decide which hardware and software alternatives are available to you.

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